Comp List

Comp List

Sales Week:  October 07 – October 13

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 Comp List Tips:
  • If you do choose to print the Comp List, please check your print/page preview first! (i.e. ‘Portrait’, ‘Landscape’ and/or ‘Scaling’ and adjust to how you see fit.) Be sure to print the Comp List and your coupons in ‘grey-scale’ or ‘black only’ to save ink.
  • The Comp List has several filters that sort the list in many ways. (Try using them to see what all they can do.)
  • Abbreviations in the Comp List: OZ = Ounce, QT = Quart, LB = Pound, CT = Count, PK = Pack, PKG = Package, Asst. = Assorted, AV = Assorted Varieties/All Varieties, SV = Select Varieties, FP = Family Pack.
  • Colors used in the list: Each main category has a light green background. Items that are in color are part of store-specific odd sales like Mix and Match sales.
  • I am only human and will make mistakes from time to time. Please contact me ASAP if you notice any major mistakes in descriptions, prices, limits or anywhere else.

How To Filter Only The Items You Need: This filter will sort the list down to only the items you want. (The list has several filters installed so try playing with them to see what all they can do! If you need any help at all in learning to using the Virtual Comp List, or the filters, please do not hesitate to contact me!)

  1. Click the empty box in the first column ‘CAT.’, that is on the same row as the item you want. Place the character of your choice in the box, (I use the ‘x’ key). Continue through the list the same way using the exact same character for each item you want to select.
  2. When done selecting all of your items, scroll back up to the top of the list and click the drop down menu button located in the ‘CAT.’ section of the menu. In the drop down menu select Text Filter > Equals and then in the Custom Filter dialog box type in the same character you chose to start with and click OK. It will instantly cut out all of the items you did not want leaving you with a shortened, personalized comping list. To revert back to the full list, open the same drop down menu and click ‘Clear Filter From CAT.’.
  3. To print your shortened, personalized list, you will have to download it first. At the bottom of the viewer on the black menu bar click the download button (grey button with a downward arrow). Once the file downloads, open it in a spreadsheet viewer (preferably Excel, but will work with Apache OpenOffice). After opening the file check your print/page preview, adjust settings as/if needed, then print as normal. (When a print button becomes available for the Virtual Comp List, it will be installed promptly!!!)
  4. More tips below!
Virtual Comp List Tips:
  • To reset the Virtual Comp List back to it’s normal state just refresh the page.
  • If your screen jumps while using your mouse to select items, try using the arrow keys on your keyboard. They will move around the list more fluently than your mouse.
  • The Virtual Comp List should work on your hand held devices too! View and sort your list at home, on the go or while in the store! (Only tested on android, but “should” work on most all.)
  • Filter By Store: Open it’s drop down menu and select Filter. Next, uncheck the stores you do not want to view then click OK.
  • Filter By Item or Brand Name: Open it’s drop down menu and select Text Filter > Contains. In the dialog box type in the item (i.e. cheese) or brand name (i.e. kraft) then click OK.
  • Filter By Date: Open it’s drop down menu and select Filter. Next, uncheck any dates that might be expired and click OK.
  • Filter By Price: Open it’s drop down menu and filter as you wish.

If you have any suggestions for the Comp List please don’t hesitate to let me know about them!

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